Dress for Latina 007 (Копировать)


Dress for Latina 007 (Копировать)


Stylish dress for latin. Stretch mesh panels add seductive accents to your look. Fringe adds movement.
– jersey dress, stretch mesh inserts, fringe;
– no fastener;
Size XS
Chest: 66-68 / Waist: 54 / Hips: 66-68 cm
Size S
Chest: 72-76 / Waist: 58 / Hips: 76-90 cm
Size M
Chest: 80-85 / Waist: 65 / Hips: 84-88 cm
Size L
Chest: 90-95 / Waist: 70 / Hips: 92-96 cm

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Dress Dress “Jenny” lat 016
Incredibly stylish dress for latin. Intriguing mesh inserts add femininity and seduction to your look! Fringe will add dynamics to movements! High-quality jersey allows you to keep your shape and not hinder your movements in the dance.
Fabric: oil jersey, stretch mesh, fringe;
Composition: 95% polyester, 5% lycra
Medium stretch (up to 4cm)

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-RhUMgJrB0/ [/ embed]

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L, M, S, XS



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